What’s the next step?

Here are three things to get started

The Next step is to visit our church!  Please stop at our Welcome Desk and say hello to the Elders after the sermon, any one of them would be honored to meet you in person.  If you would require a more formal time to meet, we can set up a time with the office to meet with one of the elders.

Visit Our Church

A New Members Class is the way to get started. This gets you an overview of the church and what we believe. We will go over our Confession of Faith, the Doctrines of Grace, and this is the best place to interact with Pastor Logan and other Elders to ask questions about the church as you are getting to know us.

New Members Classes

Reading the Bible and listening to faithful preaching doesn’t bear fruit unless it penetrates our hearts. Fellowship Groups provide a context to apply God’s Word in such a way that further seeks to penetrate our hearts and allow intentional relationships to walk together toward this kind of spiritual growth and maturity.

Fellowship Groups